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2000 2.5L Upper Intake Bolts       #: 2553
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 Posted: Thu Jun 23rd, 2022 03:14 am
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Hi all,
After replacing the timing belt, water pump, rad hoses, thermostat, plugs and wires, serpentine belt and pullies, and getting everything back together I
developed what I think is a vacuum leak.
When I turned it over it started right up, no visible oil or coolant leaks but after warming to normal operating temperature it started revving extremely high between gears on the test drive.
After popping the CEL it also threw the following codes:
P1506- IAC valve duty cycle higher than expected.

P1000_ OBD Systems Readiness Test Not Complete

Since I think the small, hard to reach vacuum hose that goes to the vacuum tube on the underside of the throttle body might be the issue, I might have to remove the upper intake.
I've been searching for a new set of bolts but they've been discontinued, as usual, by Ford.
Between other forums and a busy Dealership parts guy this is all the information I've been able to come up with-
The Dealership gave me the following part number: 
Part# N807642
And a thread on another forum had this info:

M8-1. 25 X 45mm Class 10.9 Flanged Hex Bolts partially threaded.

I have no idea if the bolt specs are accurate, or where the op got this info.
A company called ARP (Automotive Racing Parts) can't cross reference the Ford part number to find the right bolts.
I really don't want to spend money on high performance bolts if I don't have to, so does anyone know if the info is right?
Are these bolts torque to yield? Or can I just take this info to the local hardware store?
Thanks in advance for any help with this. My truck has been down since March because the timing belt snapped and it's been one thing after another since then.
I'd like to get it back on the road this week, if I can.
I've read that the bolts shouldn't be reused or they might snap, but who knows if they were over torqued, cross threaded, or just failed.

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2000 Ranger XLT 2.5L- SOHC- EFI- Regular Cab- 5spd Manual- 3L73 8.8 Diff- 2WD- 112" WB Coil Front
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